Purandare Group is one of the leading Trade Houses in Maharashtra with more than 28 years of experience in trading coal, lime, water treatment chemicals, scrap, ayurvedic medicines with numerous industries. Our clients include Sugar factories, Steel factories, Cement producers, Lime Producers and many more industries all over India.

Our Products Include

Our Services Include

Purandare Group works with the strategic and operational  insights of experienced industry participation. Through its well known affiliates, the Firms cater needs of various industries and manage growth strategies. With our aim of assisting business houses in buying and selling, we realize their business dreams and most importantly the professional, ethical, confidential and practical manner. With our dedicated efforts we make dealing with us, the best experience of yours.

Purandare Group follows the SMART chart in achieving our objectives.

  • Specific- We make business that is clear and easy to understand.
  • Measurable- Our deals are easily quantified in terms of economical buying.
  • Available-  We make ourselves  available, no matter What, When and Where.
  • Resourceful-  We understand importance of your time and priorities.
  • Trust- we believe in a strong base built with trust.