Ayurvedic Medicines From Kerala

Purandare Group is sole distributor of various Ayurvedic medicines form Kerala. Our Mission is to Provide the most genuine and authentic Ayurveda medicines using traditional methodologies, extend over all health care at affordable rates, to spread the miraculous healing power of Ayurveda for the overall well being of society, to provide quality products and services for the cause of Ayurveda.

We distribute following medicines of Vanitha Ayur Research Center. Most of these medicine are clinically tested and proved to be effective on 92% patients. We take at most care while preparing the medicine in every stage of process from raw herbs procurement up to finished packing.

We distribute all the medicines of Doctor Thangs. Doctor Thangs Products, established in 1984, is engaged in the manufacture and marketing of Herbal Pharmaceuticals with a vision to provide traditionally acceptable and internationally comparable standards in healthcare under the tenets of age old Siddha system.

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We are also sole distributor of Ayurvedic medicines of Illban Remedies. Illban Remedies holds an experience of 30 years in providing complete and synergic herbal solutions. In this world where people are more health conscious and are opting for a natural way of attaining good health, we aim to provide the best for them and to create an awareness of the same among those who are negligent of good health.

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